Loquis: Romanzo Criminale and Le Idrovore di Fiumicino

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Romanzo Criminale and Le Idrovore di Fiumicino


Published on:  2018-02-23 10:11:00

  Rome in the Movies

Sergio Buffoni, is a young Roman criminal, belonging to a band working in the area of ​​Testaccio, composed by Freddo, Fierolocchio and his brother Ruggero.After the union with the band of Magliana, composed by the Lebanese, by Dandi, from Bufalo and from Scrocchiazeppi, which took place to organize the seizure of Baron Rosellini, the band will gradually take control of the criminal activities in the capital, and the two brothers will be entrusted with the areas of Val Melaina and Tufello. He lived all the adventures with the crew, including the imprisonment in Regina Coeli, where the latter, with the sole exception of the resurrected Buffalo, is locked up following the blow of « Terribile », the elderly boss of Centocelle who feared for his position.After the death of Libanese and the beginning of the separation of the band Sergio will secretly organize, together with the Sorcio and Nercio e Botola, a drug dealing channel financed by Secco, the clerk who manages the funds of the band but, once discovered, will die killed by the Freddo at Fiumicino, in front of the airport, where the two were in their youth, along with the components of their original battery. From the book by Giancarlo De Cataldo was taken the 005 film Romanzo criminale, directed by Michele Placido, in which Sergio Buffoni, with the name of Aldo, is played by Roberto Brunetti, and, in 00 , the director Stefano Sollima created the series television « Romanzo Criminale » where Sergio Buffoni is played by Lorenzo Renzi.

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