Loquis: Romanzo Criminale in Via Giulia

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Romanzo Criminale in Via Giulia


Published on:  2018-02-22 22:40:00

  Rome in the Movies

« Romanzo Criminale » is a 2005 film directed by Michele Placido based on the homonymous novel of 2002 written by Giancarlo De Cataldo and edited by the Einaudi publishing house.The story is inspired by the events of the Magliana band, a name given by Italian journalism to the one that is considered the most powerful criminal organization that has ever operated in Rome and to which were attributed ties with Cosa Nostra, Camorra and Ndrangheta but also with representatives of the world of politics and masonry, the P2 lodge, the extreme right subversive, Vatican and secret services Rome, late sixties. Two kids steal a car and a checkpoint they run over an agent, they still manage to escape and hide in their shelter, a trailer near the beach, where they decide their nicknames: yes they will call « il Libanese », « il Dandi », « il Freddo » and « il Grana », and soon after the police arrive: Libano is wounded in the leg, Freddo is stopped, Dandi escapes and Andrea, real name of the Grana, dies from the injuries reported during the race with the stolen car. The Dandi house is Palazzo Falconieri, in Via Giulia .

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