Loquis: Tom Hanks and Castel Sant’Angelo

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Tom Hanks and Castel Sant’Angelo


Published on:  2018-02-22 09:32:00

  Rome in the Movies

Undoubtedly one of the most fascinating architectural complexes of the city, was begun by the Emperor Hadrian in 125 as his funerary mausoleum, inspired by the now complete mausoleum of Augustus, became in medieval and modern times the place of refuge of Pope in moments of turmoil or political uncertainty. Access to the fortress was possible through a passage that directly connected the stronghold with the Vatican: the famous sparrow, actually existing and visited at certain times of the year. In front of the building stands an imposing bridge, il Ponte degli Angeli, also the work of Bernini. And this is the liason in the movie plot of Ron Howard, « Angels and Demons».

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