Loquis: Angels and Demons, Santa Maria della Vittoria

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Angels and Demons, Santa Maria della Vittoria


Published on:  2018-02-22 09:09:00

  Rome in the Movies

Some of the main scenes of the film Angels and Demons were set in the church of Santa Maria della Vittoria with Tom Hanks in front of the ecstasy of « Saint Teresa » of Bernini. They are reconstructed locations. It was for Ron Howard's film that because of the bad reputation he enjoys at the Vatican, the author of the book from which he is drawn (Dan Brown) has been denied any permission to film within the small state. Often then the real locations were smaller than necessary so in rebuilding the production took small licenses widening environments and corridors to facilitate the movement of the machine « in Santa Maria della Vittoria in Rome Ron Howard and Sal, the Director of photography, they wanted to use cranes for the cameras and so we had to widen corridors and aisles », explains Cameron.

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