Loquis: La Dolce Vita, Via Veneto

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La Dolce Vita, Via Veneto


Published on:  2019-07-05 14:30:00

  Rome in the Movies

Several scenes of Federico Fellini’s «  Dolce Vita » were shot in Via Veneto, the first being the arrival in Rome of Sylvia (Anita Ekberg), a famous American actress, welcomed at Ciampino airport by photographers and journalists, among whom of course also Marcello, who follow her to the Hotel Excelsior in via Veneto.In the second scene instead Marcello Rubini is then advised of the visit of the old father: the two meet in an open-air cafe in Via Vittorio Veneto and decide to go to a night with Paparazzo in the night meet Fanny, french dancer Marcello acquaintance. After drinking, the four leave the room with two dancers, Paparazzo and Marcello are with them, while the father is invited by Fanny in the apartment. After a while Fanny called Marcello: the father felt sick, perhaps because he had drunk too much.The father announces to his son that he will return home immediately, even if Marcello would like him to stay still with him.

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