Loquis: La Dolce Vita, Cinecittà

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La Dolce Vita, Cinecittà


Published on:  2018-02-20 21:10:00

  Rome in the Movies

Some scenes from the film by Federico Fellini, La Dolce Vita, were shot in Cinecittà. In the film Marcello Rubini, that is Marcello Mastroianni, he then went to the Cinecittà district for a photo shoot, when in front of the Basilica of San Giovanni Bosco he sees his old friend, the intellectual Enrico Steiner. Steiner is interested in how he is writing his book; so you invite her to dinner. Before leaving, Steiner invites Marcello to remain to listen to him while he plays the organ in the church: the writer engages in « Toccata and Fugue in D minor of Bach ».

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