Loquis: Caro Diario, Spinaceto

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Caro Diario, Spinaceto


Published on:  2019-01-18 11:17:00

  Rome in the Movies

Nanni Moretti in Vespa also arrives in Spinaceto, passes through the fallen of liberation and comments the neighborhood: Spinaceto, a newly built neighborhood.  is always inserted in speeches to talk about it badly. « Oh well, but here we are in Spinaceto! ». « But where do you live? To Spinaceto? ». And then I remember that one day I also read a subject called « Escape from Spinaceto ». He was talking about a guy running away from that neighborhood, running away from home, never coming back. So, let's go see Spinaceto. Well, Spinaceto, I thought worse. It's not bad at all.

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