Loquis: Caro Diario, Garbatella

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Caro Diario, Garbatella


Published on:  2018-02-20 19:13:00

  Rome in the Movies

A declaration of love to the city that is « in Vespa », the first episode of « Caro Diario » (1993) by Nanni Moretti and perhaps the most beloved of the film, or at least the one that left its mark, with some memorable phrases. In wandering on his Vespa in a sultry and deserted Rome, Moretti crosses almost the whole city, in a monumental tour, which becomes a sociological reflection on the transformation of the city from the Thirties to the Nineties and especially after the economic boom of the Sixties. The episode opens with the solitary descent of the Vespa to the district of Garbatella: « The neighborhood that I like most is the Garbatella and I go around the popular lots, but I do not like to see only the houses from the inside I sometimes like to see how they are made inside ... ». La Garbatella name of uncertain origin: some claim it derives from the « polite » aspect of its town planning, even if the legend has it that everything originated to an innkeeper named Carlotta, so polite with her customers to sell, in addition to wine, also her favors. Hence « garbata ostella » and then Garbatella.

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