Loquis: An American in Rome

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An American in Rome


Published on:  2018-03-14 20:08:00

  Rome in the Movies

It is the story of Nando, a young Roman, Alberto Sordi, obsessed with the dream of America.. When on a motorbike ride with his bandana, dressed as « Kansas City policeman », Nando meets a couple of American tourists in the automobile, who, believing a vigilant, ask him for information: Nando, while not knowing English, provides wrong indications always repeating « all right!, all right! », until you send the car of the two unlucky in the ditch of Marranella. The man is the American ambassador in Rome and the two will meet: in fact Nando, influenced by the scene of an American film, rises on the Colosseum and threatens to kill himself if they do not promise that he can reach America. The American ambassador, informed of the event, assures him that his request will be satisfied: but then, when he recognizes in him the unconscious he had made him, his wife and his car, to fall in a ditch, administers him a severe lesson.

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