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This is the channel of destination for tourists and urban explorers. It contains thousands of points of interests all around Italy and soon all around the globe.
 Editorial – 3483 Loquis

Art in Lombardy

Extended description of the best of Lombardy’s cultural heritage: museums, historic houses, castles, churches and other buildings of worship, villages, squares and urban areas of particular importance.
From the site
 Editorial – 654 Loquis

Villages of Italy

A thousand wonderful destinations offer you the chance to experience a journey rich in excitement and discovery, through places steeped in Italian tradition and offering a unique way of life.

 Editorial 797 Loquis

Museums of Italy

All Italian museums for those who are never satisfied with culture

 Editorial 5353 Loquis

Famous people of Rome

The places where the most famous characters of Rome lived and their stories.

 Editorial 207 Loquis

Roma Street Art

The description of the most beautiful and important murals of Rome and of the international street artists who made them.

Editorial 136 Loquis

Vacanze Romane

Appointments and suggestions for those visiting Rome.

Editorial 76 Loquis

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